Good Things to Know

Things You Need to Know for Baseball Camp

  • It’s hot during camp! Although your camper may wear his baseball uniform, he may also come comfortably dressed in shorts and t-shirt. 
  • Campers need a glove and a hat. If your camper has a bat and helmet please bring them, but do not go out and purchase these items just for camp. 
  • Water is provided for campers; however, you may bring a cooler or bring money for the concession stand that offers snacks and drinks. 
  • On the last day of camp, your camper will need to bring a towel and a change of clothes because he will be WET! 
  • Parents are welcome to stay and watch/listen/learn throughout the camp. 
  • If your camper has an allergy that requires an epi-pen, please make sure it is listed on the waiver and TELL us about it. We like to associate your child’s face with this information. 
  • Signs will be posted leading you to the baseball field where camp is located.